I had a dream and I was saying these words in a room with very bright light, I couldn’t see anything but lights.. I could sense that there is someone on the other side of the bright light.. I literally woke up with tears in my eyes .. and I’ve been recording this song since I had that dream.. I just wanna share that experience with you. Be blessed.

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I wish we meet paths someday your music is always a blessing to my soul.God bless you sir more grace. Lord I connect myself to his grace

your songs is a blessing to me and my family I feel the present of God around me whenever am playing ur song

God tomorrow is work and this has just come up. Honestly if it wasn’t for work I would have continued with this one.Tuesday is a holiday I will have the whole day with this one. God bless you brother. ‘ Let the world know’ touched me also

What manner of man are you sef? Where una dey go collect all this songs from? You and sinach just left my mouth wide open since years back, I have not still close the mouth.

I agree with Victor Frank’ s songs are such a blessing I mean thy are inspiring. Who knows Franky could just replace the devil in heaven. I would definitely campaign for him. This brother is such a blessing

What a powerful song! Thank you sir for blessing lives and changing destinies with the song of the spirit.

U Are a person who connect on the frequency of the spirit. Bless by you are Good, indeed HE his.
More grace and anointing sir

Richboy always in the Building I am lifted higher. I definitely PUT… Bro Zakhele CE Daveyton SA Zone 2…

Idi mma a o Idi nma aaaaa( intro)
When you say stay I will stay,
When you say go I will go.
There is nothing I wouldn’t do
Just to please o papa
For everything you have done
For every life you have changed
All power belongs to you
Oh Papa Oh Papa

I di mma I di mma ×2
You are good you are kind
Oh Papa ×2

Right from the day I listened to a part of the song on your Facebook page, I’ve been anticipating it..
God keep blessing you richly……Your song is always a blessing to me

i wish to meet with you some day, God has been using u greatly in my life true ur music

I always enjoy and fill uplifted when ever I listen to your songs sir.i love you so much sir.I WILL SURELY START WORK ON A DANCE CHOREOGRAPHY ON THIS AMAZING SONG SIR.

You are a blessing to this generation and to me especially,your songs are soul lifting and inspiring.God bless you for blessing us

Thanks for allowing God to use you to bless our generation. More Unction in Jesus mighty name. Amen

You’ve been and will always be an inspiration to me…I look up to you and hope to get to where you are soon.

Am Speechless , Am Crying , Am filled with the Holy Ghost despite my sinful nature, I love you Edwards and everything about your songs , play Keyboard and will be grateful if i can just meet you in person. God bless you for this one .. Am grateful!!

Words wontw express the power and passion in this particular song.
Thank God for the inspiration God bless you sir.

I’m an artist, and I have listened to almost all gospel arts ,there’s this anointing that comes with your songs. You are anointed. I need such anointing bro.

What more can I say than join u to tell Him na o di nma.Words will fail me if I’m to explain. Thanks dear for this timely song. Elo is back after so many days. I remember where I’m coming from… Tears….but ..yes…He is GOOD…. SO GOOD…

This is my song of the year! Though I can’t speak the language, I got the interpretation and I so love it.
More grace sir Frank!

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