In Love With You is a song of appreciation for all the great things God has done in our lives. Victories won, healed sicknesses, miracles received and so many more we cannot begin to count.

Join me in professing your Love for Him. Stay blessed.

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So much to thank God for and this is perfect for the season. Already in repeat mode and spreading the news too
Thank you Frank Edwards for the consistency and excellence in packaging the Gospel the right way through Music and for Blessing & Impacting Millions through Your Music. God Bless You Boss.

An in lovev with this song…. Thank you Lord for all you’ve done for me thanks Frank for tour inspiring us with your songs.

When am listening to this Song am seeing all the uncountable things God has done for me thanks Sir for this song of thanksgiving 🙏always loving the content of your songs it gives me the opportunity to worship God in a different way 🙌🙌more grace Sir

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