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Heaven Rocks indeed. With this in mind, the race for soul winning much speedily continue. I ain’t entering heaven alone, must go in with my associates. Thanks coach for this reawakening!

Hi mr edwards i love your songs and i can feel what i feel wen you singing. The thing is i love to sing i go to church and i want to sing will love too but i do not have much funds to get the stuff to do it as yet live in trinidad and tobago that is in the carribbean. I sang canopy in church wit the sisters. But i have passsion in singing for my jesus. I will sure like to meet you one day. ppl say i have a good voice but i feel i been fight down by others waiting for me to fail. Something about you i feel when any song you singing i can tell its from the heart an all for the lord that how i feel

Lovely.. Her vocals give new vibes.. GOD bless you always mayo… Nice one bro frank.. Be blessed forever

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