Eposi bridget Litombe Cameroon

Sir,I must confess,ever since I started listening to ur music,I feel the presence of God in me more stronger, and I pray that God should take you more higher,and also pray to meet you one day!!!

Helena Oláh Sweden

I put my bills on the floor, sang “yo, yo, yo,yo, yo… 2 months later I have money left over after the bills are paid. Hallelujah praise the Lord!



His songs are huge blessings to me,went through a faith trying period in my life sometime last year and i could only connect to his songs. thank you Jesus. his life as a person is inspiring,thank you for also sharing your life testimony that great. thanks coach for being such a blessing.

Joneskoni93@gmail.com Cameroon

I have a gift of singing but my mind was going into circular music until I started listening to your songs 5years back and my life and vision of music changed.. Omema went through my heart like a sword.. I am born again and now I am writing gospel songs trusting God that someday I will start recording when the finance will be there.. God bless you Mr Frank.. Your songs have changed lives and am a witness.

Emmanuel Nika Uganda

Glory to God Sir! I celebrate what you do in the music ministry. My father introduced me to your music in my high school. Ebube was our anthem at home. From that time I fell in love with your music. But I would like to share this event. On a Sunday when my family and I were set to go for service, the vehicle we were supposed to use could start. We could not jump start the machine. The man who was supposed to transport us went to look for an engineer who could help with the car. But that morning, I woke up listening to your music. So while the gentleman was away, I was listening to “Superstar.” Boldness to do the supernatural was rising up from within. As I listened the more to the song, I received an instruction from the Spirit of God to start the car. I placed the key in the ignition, and glory to God, it was on, ready to go to church.

God does and will continue using you in a mighty to flood the hearts of men with the knowledge of what Christ did.

Gideon Arthur Qatar

When I discovered @frankrichboy ????
His music caused me to totally quit listening to some unwholesome songs which I was attracted to because of the elements they possess which could not be found in any gospel music. This man of God’s music got them all, plus glory divine. Not even a day have I not listened to a song from him since then and my phone and friends are my witness. I literally listen to every song of his I have everyday. Praise God I’m now connected to him via @instachoir???? (the King’s Choir ????) and my spirit will testify to it that I’ve been greatly blessed by it. I have known so many ministers of the gospel but @frankrichboy is one of a kind. I thank God for your life sir. Let the glory of God and the grace of God continue to work in you, work with you and work for you more than ever before. Thank you so much for the priceless lessons. Seldom will one share such lessons for free unless it’s out of real love. God bless your heart sir!

Appah Sydney Nigeria

Please sir. My name is appah Sydney. i want to join the insta choir. I mean like i want to be part of the group. Want can i do sir, cause i will do anything…thanks for being a blessing to me.

Olanipekun Olaide Nigeria

Hello Sir! From July 23rd 2017
I purposely saved this photo cos i know I’ll also share my testimony from it.

All through the week, my church choir prayerfully rehearsed this song (I’ve personally listened to it more than 300 times – #BaptizedIntoIt) for today’s service tagged “Covenant Day Of Favour” as we were supposed to minister it for our 1st and 2nd services.

But as God of Miracle Rain (Hosea 6 vs 3) will have His way, the rains were so evident that we had to take it also for the 3rd service (cancelling other arrangements) as instructed by our resident Pastor and mouth can’t describe loads of testimonies that resulted from it.

I’m so much happy to be used by God as a RainMaker for His people today which capped my own testimonies.

Thank You so much Frank for being one of the few RainMakers around us.

Precious United Kingdom

I want to use this medium to testify to the goodness of the Lord.
Mr Frank You’ve been a blessing to me and your music gives me inspiration when I’m down.
May the good Lord continue to bless & keep you in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.

Mike isaac Nigeria

I celebrate God’s grace upon your life sir.
My name is Mike Isaac from Etinan in Akwa Ibom State. But I reside in Port Harcourt. I’m a gospel artist by grace, married with two kids.

Sir, please if your financially buoyant this season, I’ll appreciate God if He can use you to pay my already elapsed rent. I’ve never owed before, just going through financial increase this season and I believe it would soon be over soon.

Incase you want to know me better sir, here’s my website www.mimrecords.com.ng

I’ll be so GREATFUL and will testify to the glorying God if He can use you to help me out on my one year rent.

ACCOUNT: 2094434862

I’ve actually been celebrating God for the testimony already. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.