Kenneth Nwabueze Nigeria

Hey Frankie,
Thank you for allowing God to use you and also accepting Jesus as your Lord. Every song in Frankincense has been a breath of Fresh air! Loving every minute listening…its even playing in my head now…hahaha! God bless you bro! KenFlo

Laar Isaiah laari Ghana

Always inspired

Helenah Jessika Congo

Frank Edwards Thank you for Blessing our lives with this great album ! It’s Epic ! Really uplifting, inspiring ? You’re indeed a blessing !!! “Don’t cry feat. Nathaniel Bassey” that song took my breath away !! Much love from DRC ❤️

chinonso Nigeria

Hmm I bless God for this beautiful piece of work.. It’s a spirit filled worship that moves through my views when ever I listen to it… My best track s in that album are track 2, and the Don meon, then Don’t cry ft.. Nathaniel Bassey.. I will love visiting the rock town studio someday.. God bless frank Edwards. And long live frank Edwards

Frank Nigeria

Jesus did it..