Jahvis keyonyi Cameroon

Hello Frankincense/frank richboy
It’s a privilege to be associated with ur songs
My name is Jahvis Keyonyi and I’m a Cameroonians (though I wish I was a Nigerian) I grew up listening to your tracks and it has been spirit and edifying and soul lifting.
Not only ur songs big bro but the testimony u gave about how it all began from ur first release to meeting Minister Don Moen ur music mentor and to ur traveling out. In fact if I’ll have to say it all it’ll just be a repeatation of ur testimony.
To cut it short, there are times I feel like God is delayyor probably he’s forgotten about me but on the second taught about who u were and what u are now,looking at what God has done and is yet to do I just realize how sweet and loving our God is…
Ur testimony has inspired me and has given me a testimony as well.
I got inspired to write a book (THEIR STORIES “Every great man/woman has a painful story to Tell”) about a few people whom God has used to bless my life in one way or another like u, sinach, pastor E.A Adeboye, Apostle Johnson Suleman, Wole Soyinka, Bishop David Oyedepo, Rev Funke Felix Adejumo and some few others….I just give God the glory for the inside and love despite my weaknesses…..
Thanks Frank!!!may God continue to use u to bless the world and Gods people and may ur strength not be weary.
More grace for the race big bro



Joseph GBAGUIDI Togo

In all the testimonies I didn’t see one coming from Togo..wow I am the First one and I feel Blessed and favoured.. Anointed man and instrument of God Frank Edwards you have been a Blessing for me through Your music.. You said something in Your testimony I download “It is not about singing it is about grace ” then I begin to follow You since 2014 because I sing and I want that the grace on You fall on me too..Your First song I hear was “Okaka” we even made a choregraphy on it..After my playlist was full with all Your songs : I see him, Halleluyah, Overtake(haha this song) , I no fit to shout, Jesus Power, Mma dirigi(haha this song) , Oyege, I made it, You too dey bless me( Haha this song), Ebube, Onye, Miracle Rain, Here to sing(my God this song) etc..many songs even Your defender accapella Haha…
I believed that when listen to this songs the Spirit will entered me too…
My only wish is to see u , and take picture with You to tell You in face how God use You to change my Life…
I can’t say all here man of God..Just God bless u and inspire You more @frankrichboy

Whatsapp : 022898825131
E-mail : joozyjoseph@gmail.com

sandra Cameroon

bsr Mr frank.vous êtes pour moi par le biais de vos chansons un ange envoyé du ciel pour me ramener à Christ chaque fois k le doute veut me saisir, une consolation, une force et un mystère.j ai une certaine sensation surnaturelle quand j écoute vos chansons il me manque les mots pour vous expliquez cela. mon amour réel pour le GospEl à commencé avec vos chansons. k Dieu vous bénisse abondamment.????????????

Clement Nigeria

This song has extra ordinary Anointing, am a living witness after downloading this song, I have been touched by the Anointing it carries

Praise Poland

I have been playing this song since its release. This song gives me strength, God’s confidence, divine peace, joy and reassurance that everything will be fine and things will work out for my favor. Indeed I know who I am in Christ Jesus

Winnie Dambe Botswana

When ever I listen to this songs, i feel the presence of God, they make very close to God, and God bless you Frank Edwards, apart from that i have all your Songs in my stick, and my wish is to meet you one day, and i will be very happy.

Mcdallas Nigeria

You;re indeed a blessing to this generation, I’m blessed because I belong to the time. God has used you through your songs to refurbish my life of praise. I can;t explain the many of the holy spirit each time I;m engulfed in the spirit with your songs. I’ve tried to pick the best track out of your albums, but all are spirit-lifting. God bless you Frank.

Isaac Nigeria

Please I need your financial help concerning my academics, my parent are missionaries and they are looking up to God for financial helpers. Please I don’t want to be a drop out.

Olami Oluyemi Nigeria

I was lost, it felt scary. I couldn’t see where I was going. Blinded by thoughts, that weren’t true. I was challenged with a lot of problem as a young man( including devilish boys on campus trying to force me to join their cult group) Sometimes I would try to run out of school not minding what my parent would say or do to me.
When I got to 300 level, I grabbed a bible at the believers love world ( BLW) on an invitation as a first timer, and read. Anywhere, and all the time. I met a great friend “though a distance friend kos she was a pastor and she was in 400 level philosophy” Pastor Lola Olowu. She attracted me big time, when I saw her bible and the way she talks about God with so much relaxation and smiles like they are friends, walking from one point of the stage to another. Speaking out into my life words of power that set me free without her noticing me not to talk the challenges I came to church with. Hmm. Just like a miracle that it was, my freedom became visible not too long later that same semester. I got up from the floor of life and fear, I gave up all faith of what man can do to me, gave up all the sorrow on my deep inside, i gave up all the memories of hurt that i have experienced, so much more that I felt like a new born baby with no understanding of what worries and troubles are.
The experience of accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior afresh made my life easy and sweet even as i continued my journey as an under graduate. I got all the help i needed from Jesus Christ include His friendship… Yes I meant what I said, I needed help but miraculously I got a new life. (Smiles). All trouble ended after yes I do and I mean to Jesus. Shalom to you @frankrichboy , a living prove of what can become of anybody that loves and follows Jesus Christ outrightly. More blessing bro.