Frankincense is truly more than a music ?, its a tool that drives one into rivers of worship HALLELUJAH!!! thank you sir, you truly have an excellent spirit #God bless you sir AMEN

jessebest akam – Nigeria

thank you sir for such an awesome album, frankincense, there’s nothing like it. Kanyi bulie is one song I can’t stop singing, and the reason is because I was specially blessed to take the second solo of the song after you on stage on your first visit to the University of Nigeria Nsukka last year, thank you sir for expressing the love of God in your heart through that song for truly if we had a million voices, it won’t be enough to give him praise. thank you also for praying for me on that day, the words I heard does still shakes me to my bones till date, you said you’ll be greater than myself, it’s not a common prayer to hear and receive just anywhere, but you through the spirit and the laying on of hands supplied me the grace, today as a result of that meeting with you sir, I’m a better music minister, a better song writer like you and the world will hear it, thank you so much sir, I’m so hi on frankincense? .

jehodad – Nigeria

Hello Franky,
God bless you for being a blessing to me.
#GodblessFranky, The well of Gods inspiration will never dry in your life.
Look forward to meeting you. Cant wait for the day you will lay hands on me.
God bless you Sir Franky..

Daniel Ekechukwu – Nigeria

I was hurt but I am free

Yemi Oluwadaisi – Nigeria

All ur songs are filled with God’s Word .I thank God for “frankincense”.I call frankincense queen of all ur albums. I listened to oyege several times, as I listened,I remembered a testimony u gave about giving (sowing) and I received grace, strength, faith to give sacrificially. That same day,my delayed peanut salary was paid and I gave all except for the urgent debt that I had to pay.I did this irrespective of the overwhelming needs in the home. Praise God!!! Amazing! The following day God provided my children’s school fees. That’s same day a chairman of a particular motor park paid for I and my children’s transport fare. I never knew him,it was like a film. Then I remembered oyege”miracles overwhelm me now….. .. God bless you sir, you are a blessing to our generation. I know for sure I’ll definitely be back here for more testimonies. Remain blessed sir.

ukay munachi – Nigeria

This album is filled with blessings and I am happy to be a partaker of those blessings. It transforms and renews my soul, body and mind anytime i listen any of the songs in this album. Thank you so much Frank Edwards.

Am overwhelmed! This album is soooooo addictive! the worships in it are so amazing! I am glad that am getting addicted to songs this blissful. Frank proves to the world that one can be addicted to worshipping God through songs!

Queen – Belgium

Lovely song. You are the best. I am a star

Lanre latinwo – Nigeria

Thank You Jesus, Thank You Holy Spirit for a personality like Frank Edwards. Its awesome to worship God better in the Best model of exaltation!.. I need no other way to worship God. Frankincense is really the sweet smelling savor to God..I can smell it ..I cannot skip a Day without listening. keep doing this, (and forget ’em). nobody is God!!.. Thank you Frank for this Beautiful Gift..I look forward for the “Grace” Album _Gracie!!

kenny – Nigeria

Thank you Frank RichBoy for the GREAT GRACE you have so captivatingly manifested in abundance in this great inspirational work of the Holy Spirit.
When I saw your video advert on youtube, I have to rush and subscribe to Spotify because of this beautiful offering. Now I downloaded the whole album for offline play on my devices and I play it on repeat.
When listening to the songs, I don’t usually realise when it finishes.
The work is both healing and deliverance to me, my wife and my child in her womb.
Thank you Frank, Thank you so much.
I thank God for your S.U. Mum.
The Lord will bless her more for us.

Pastor Peter McChris – Malaysia

Frank you are God sent and a STAR. Your songs are anointed they helped me years ago in the theatre while i was being operated upon. Love you sir. Glory to glory

Pearl Ibulubp – Nigeria

Frank Edwards you are a God sent to our Generation through your songs I learnt to appreciate worship like never before and now your frankincense Album woah it lifts my spirit high and takes me to another realm the songs are breath taking Xpecially that of Don moen and you.Keep it Bro God bless u,hope to see you perform in Revival Assembly upcoming Azusa.I Love you Franky.

Violet – Nigeria

This track is not only music but a message and indeed sir you have boast my worship and fellowship life with frankincense. Forever grateful. I am a student in the university KNUST and this track has boast my IQ to excel in my cause.
Liquid love sir.
Emmanuel Segede
Coordinator blw Ghana campus ministry
Achievers fellowship.

Emmanuel Divine segede – Ghana

Frank Edwards’ “frankincense” Album has amazed the world, i downloaded one track from and each time i play it, i give my life to Christ over and over again!

God bless you Frank

Rose – Nigeria

An amazing offering,this is beyond a is an experience.God bless you Frank!

Promse Gbosi – Malaysia

Frank Edward you’re so so amazing. Inspiring after listening passionately to your album.. My soul rekindled again… Worshiping God is now my life style.. Keep doing God’s business.. Thank u sir

Ezra Salem – Palestine

Frank Edward you’re so so amazing. Inspiring after listening passionately to your album.. My soul rekindled again… Worshiping God is now my life style.. Keep doing God’s business.. Thank u sir

Ezra Salem – Palestine

I thank God for using this my guy and boss to bless my life, his song content and vocal orderliness sparkles me most. #Oyoyo is a dude worship. I love you Frank. Keep on!

Innocent Josh – Nigeria

So been going through this really depressing difficult phase specifically at work. I have had ONYE on permanent repeat for a while and somehow that song has been helping me pull through each day for over 4months now.
Now I really don’t feel depressed or sad anymore since #Frankinsence. A ga me ye ge Ekele is now on my permanent repeat list. I listen to it back to back and just PRAISE my way through. God bless you FE for this permanent healing. I’m grateful.

Williams Ifeoma – Cameroon

This album is the best of the best!
For the first time in my life, with just one track ( Oyoyo ) I worshiped God with a dance for over an hour by 3am here in Canada nonstop. I had to force myself to sleep.
This album is an epitome of #GRACE and #EXCELLENCE
Jesus is Lord!

Christian Gogogwute – Canada