Spreaaading Everywhere!!!
100% translated in the vision of a victorious christian…walking through love, limitless, and fullfilled in Christ only.
God Bless u, many more outstabding candles Mr Franck

Carole Ngiamba – Cameroon

Only eternity can tell how much influence Frank Edwards’ music has had on me. I feel closer to God when I listen to Frank. You are indeed a blessing to our generation. May God’s grace keep you In Jesus name.

TM Allen – Nigeria

Thank you Sir for the opportunity and privilege to share my testimony. I have been so blessed and inspired by your musics. Just when I began to give more attention to developing my music career as a gift, I found myself listening to your songs and it’s been awesome when people are like I sound like you. I have discovered the kind of love you have for God from your songs and anytime I fellowship alongside with you singing, I find myself engrafted and encapsulated in this deep love. It really takes me deep in the Spirit. This has also affected me, been able to write many songs by the help of the Spirit. Am currently recording my first track. Thank you so much Sir. It’s been just about three years i have been listening to you now and i can see great progress in my ministry. I pray that the Spirit of God continue to strengthen you and increase you mightily in that which you do, to change more lives around the world. Thank you Sir.

Ernest Mimshach – Ghana

Your song Spreading Everywhere has caused a lifting in my life and I am grateful. God bless you immensely.

Faith K – Kenya

Birthday EP album
This has changed my life from day 1, i listened to it, i shared it and received blessings. Track 5 “Sing glory” is so amazing as it unveils the awesomeness of God and he is the reason i am singing all glory, i just can not stop
I salute sir

Jacob – Zimbabwe

I am so much blessed anytime i hear your music. It has blessed me so much, give me more reasons to move on despite lifes battle. I love music so much and Frank Edward is my best Gospel Music Artist. By the grace of God i want to sing like you, i know is never late for God to help me. You are my role model.
#DropItAtMyFeet is the song that consoul me when i lost my mother to the cold hands of death. All the tracks and Album speaks peace and hope to human.
FRANK today in my little country home. I pray for you. That God will continue to use you to heal, bless, and revive. May God bless you. Frank Edward.
From Believe in Ghana.

Believe Freeman – Ghana

Glory be to God for your life sir.

Indeed Music is not something yo DO, music is YOU.

Thank God for God
Thank God for your life.

I pray for more of the GRACE of God on your life in Jesus Christ’s Mighty Name

Happy Birthday

Emmanuel Alim-Sesay – United States

Happy birthday to you. Thank for being a blessing to the world and to the body of Christ…You songs are so inspiring and holy ghost filled.

Tolu – Nigeria

God is great and merciful. I want to bless God for constantly providing for me and my family. Truly the word of God does not lie. It says when everyone is saying there is a casting down,we shall continuosly say there is a lifting up. God has really been faithful and I bless him. Secondly he keeps protecting us from evil. He is our shield and buckler. May his name be praised forever. Halleluyah

okorocha Ijeoma – Nigeria

Wow! You are just soooo inspiring. So many songs with captivating lyrics. Plus, I have been waiting on d ‘stars we are’ for a long time. Thank you.

Sandra Okafor – Nigeria

Once I have come to realise is that all your albums are tools for evangelism. A native doctor in my neighborhood doesn’t plat with the track “gratitude”. He once called my attention as I was playing the song one early morning and told me later that day that he always listens to that reggae gospel that I play. He said it touches him and he has fallen in love with the track. My nearest neighbor can’t stop dancing “Oyege”. My choir member has made it her ringing tone and we are choreographing the song during our Youth weeks coming up next month. I must say that #Frankinscense has enjoyed more ordience than all other albums from you sir that I have. All I can say is that you have inspired me and made me believe that I can be what I believe God has made me to be. A gospel Music minister. God bless you sir.

Emmanuel Odinaka – Nigeria

Godly inspiration is vital to living the victorious Christian Life.
Frank Edwards music truly gives the right inspiration founded on GOD’S Word.
The baton is yours now Sir;
GOD multiply you greatly.

PQ Derijker – United Kingdom

I’m spreading everywhere is an spirit touching song. it remains me of who I am in Christ and what I can do for i’m the daughter of a king. My heart beats so fast when I listened to the sound. I love My God so Much. Life is meaningless without Him in my life.


Wooooooow! This song “SPREADING EVERYWHERE” is so spirit-lifting. I mean I feel the presence of myriads of tangible angels of God each time l play the song. A song full of faith-filled words…a timely and timeless song. Thank you sooooo very much Frankoh for making this best song of the year available for us in commemoration of your BIRYHDAY and HAPPY BIRHDAY. #CEPHILIPPINES #CEPHZONE3

TIMOTHY JOSHUA (TJ) – Philippines

Am blessed and lifted in my spirit listening to your songs. Happy birthday in advance

richgirl – Ghana

you know, first of all i thank GOD for you and for raising you to become who you are i am so greatful to GOD for that, i love your music so much, i mean so much. your music is an inspiration and born from the spirit, and i know that GOD is so proud of you and pastor.

dickson king – Nigeria

God did a remarkable thing while I was praising him. He is still going about doing God. My life is changed forever. Yesterday July 20th was my birthday and I saw miracles. Thank you Lord in Jesus name Amen

Amaka – Nigeria

Good day sir,
Just felt i should share this with you.
Two months ago, a friend of mine was robbed by his old time friend all in the name of jealousy. In the process his brother was beating when he was trying to stop them. So this my friend came up to me sad & really angry, he was left with a decision to retaliate but it will be so worst to extent of pouring acid on the guy and burning his car.
I tried talking to him, but all to no avail. Later he asked me for some certain songs on his mobile, in the process of me putting them i added almost all the songs you’ve ever done then left him but kept on praying for him. To my greatest surprise, he listened to your songs and his mind changed immediately, his heart was saved. He came up to me after some days thanking me for the songs. And told me that His favourite one is “i nor fit shout”.
Sir i thank you so much for your songs, because they are so inspiring and spirit filled. God bless you so much. Really hope one day i get to work with you, if not music but in anyway.
Love you so much..
God bless

Obed Efegoma – Ghana

Frank Edwards, I thank God for making who you are to the nations. Your music has touched my life and answered my prayers. I used to ask myself so many questions that I would not have answers but turning to your music, all answers came and I am so blessed. Thank you so much. All the best for spreading the word of God all over the world.

Kedibone Sarah Molete – South Africa

Never has a single Gospel Music minister had such a versatile impact on my life both as an aspiring Music minister and a young christian. Minister Frank Edwards would never truly know how much he has impacted my life and the lives of the many people I share his anointed songs with. Your impact is divine and tremendous. The #Frankincense album stepped up the blessings and never have been so excited and blessed about any music event than to see the two worshipers I look up to most and who have inspired me the most (Frank Edwards & Don Moen) divinely come together for divine projects. Needless to say God bless you because you are super blessed; may your blessings never stop in Jesus’ name, Amen.

MbuKings – Cameroon